its not pink its salmon!
this hoochie coochie ain't fo' sale!

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When I woke up the morning of July 11th (Camden Nj)  i checked my snapchat story and saw that Adam Elmakias was in an airport and i got really bummed out thinking ‘oh great he’s traveling, He’s not gonna be at warped tour’ I was actually really upset because Ive been wanting to meet him for so long. But while waiting in line to meet another band (Real Friends) i saw a bald head and was instantly thought ‘thats Adam’ i ran out of line to meet him. He was just walking around and i said ’ hi Adam i love you and your work so much can i get a picture’ he told me he loved me too and i got a selfie and it was the worst picture of me ever. i didn’t want to ask for a second on though so i gave him a big hug and got back in line to meet Real Friends. i got really frustrated at the terrible picture of me and Adam and committed the rest of the day to finding Adam again and just as i was leaving there he was walking around again and i got this way nicer pic with him.

That’s my friend!